Fitting Your Additional Needs

Containers Unlimited is a multi-line distributor that offers some additional services for your possible needs. In addition to our full line distribution of new and used products, we provide services to rewash plastic pails and drums, regrind surplus plastic bottles, pails and drums, and repack plastic, metal and glass containers.


We will contract with you to wash plastic pails, plastic drums or plastic totes (IBC) that you can reuse. We have an on-site washing facility that can handle 4-6 gallon plastic pails, 55 gallon plastic drums, and 275-330 gallon plastic totes. We have our own trucks for picking up and delivering to you in the Bay Area and we use common carriers for further distances. If you do not need the containers returned, but need an outlet to get rid of them, we will contract with you to pick up your empties when we are in your area.


We have an on-site regrind operation. We would contract to dispose of large quantities of unusable plastic by grinding it or cutting it. We grind HDPE, LDPE, PP, and PVC in any size from a ½ oz bottle to a 330 gallon tote.


We have a full on site repack operation which includes and is not limited to repacking product, labeling product, palletizing product. Sometimes your product comes in a wrong carton and we have the ability to repack your product into the correct carton. We can do glass, plastic, metal or any type of material.  We can apply labels to the containers or palletize a bulk order. Our flexibility and capabilities are limitless.

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